Partial Volume of Tank Calculator For Android

Calculate the Partial Volume of liquid and  the Total Volume of Tank using this application. The calculator is suitable for horizontal cylindrical vessels/tanks. Partial Tank Volume Calculator

The input required is:
+ Liquid height in vessel, Tank internal diameter and the Cylindrical length
+The input units accepted are: inch, m, mm, ft
+ Vessel/Tank Head type, the application support Flat heads, ASME F&D (Dished) heads, Elliptical 2:1 Heads and Hemispherical heads.

The output calculated is the partial volume of liquid in the vessel, total volume of tank/vessel, the output results can be displayed in the 13 units below: Partial Tank Volume Calculator Main Screen
+ m3
+ mm3
+ inch3
+ ft3
+ Gallon (UK)
+ Gallon (US)
+ Barrel (Oil)
+ Liter (L)
+ Centi Liter (cL)
+ Deka Liter (dal)
+ Pint (UK)
+ Pint (US)
+ yd3

To support the development of android applications, this version of the application has a banner advert and requires internet connection to operate. There is a paid version of this application that has no adverts and doesn’t need internet connection to operate.

This application is available on Google Play store

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System Requirement:
Android operating system (1.6 and up)