PHex version history

Below is the version history for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design (PHex) Software

PHex – v8.0

+ Interface enhancements
+ Save and load feature enhanced
+ New Fouling factor tables
+ Plot counter current and co-current flow temperature profiles
+ Add multiple cases

PHex – v7.0

+ Added a feature to allow the user to select from a list of 12 Nusselt number correlations.
+ Add your own Nusselt number correlation in two different formats through a correlations database and use them during software calculations
+ Added the ability to define Nusselt number
+ Added manufacturers plate database containing over 230 plates
+ Added Units converter containing 23 measurements with 200-unit conversion
+ Modified Chevron angle input to allow the ability to enter any value
+ Minor interface enhancement

PHex – v6.0

+ Added the ability to define exchanger Heat load
+ Added the ability to calculate any two unknown temperatures providing that the heat load and flow rates are defined
+ Added the ability to set either US/English Units or SI Units as default units. The software will now remember your default used units
+ Added the ability to load fluid data and plate data to user database for quick access in new projects.

PHex – v5.0

+ Added Engineering datasheet generator – allows the software to generate an engineering datasheet without relying on other third party software. The datasheet can be exported to pdf or excel format

PHex – v4.0

+ Corrected a software bug that causes the some measurement units in SI units to be displayed incorrectly
+ Added more fields to plates user database
+ Added the ability to change between channel spacing and compressed plate pack length as inputs
+ Some Minor changes to the interface
+ Added more calculations
+ Added error check features

PHex – v3.0

+ Migrated source code to dot Net Framework
+ Improved user interface
+ Added Physical properties database
+ Added Fouling factors
+ Added Material Thermal Conductivities
+ Added Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients Database
+ Added Export to Microsoft Excel Engineering Datasheet
+ Fixed few programing bugs

PHex – v2.0

+ Added software database
+ Fixed bug with calculated flow rate
+ Modified user database to text format
+ Added new help file

PHex – v1.0

+First Release