STHex Version History

Below are all the update history for shell and tube heat exchanger design software

S&THex v3.5.0.6

+ Update Microsoft report viewer package resposible for generating Engineering datasheet

S&THex v3.5.0.5

+ Upgrade to Microsoft dot Net framework 4.8
+ Fixed a bug that affect user correlations display when refresh button is used in rating and design modes

S&THex v3.5.0.4

+ Rating mode – added a new selection in correlations list box (Step 6 and Step 7) to calculate Nusselt number from heat transfer coefficient input
Nusselt correlation even if you want to enter the heat transfer coefficient.
+ Implemented check for software updates, this displays the latest version and update history
+ Added water and steam properties (WStProps)
+ Added show and hide left and right panels under view menu

S&THex v3.5.0.3

+ Fixed a display bug in step 14 for Tube sheet thickness when U-Tube Exchanger is used

S&THex v3.5.0.2

+ Maintenance release

S&THex v3.5.0.1

+ Fixed bug affecting retrieving Nusselt user correlations when user is using comma for decimal point separator

S&THex v3.5.0.0

+ Maintenance release addressing software licensing on new activation server
+ Added license information screen can be accessed from Help menu

S&THex v3.4.0.1

+ Maintenance release addressed software digital signature and end user license agreement

S&THex v3.4.0.0

+ Upgrade multi case feature to allow cases to be reloaded from a case list window
+ Backup and restore user databases feature added
+ Some Optimisation to saving cases

S&THex v3.3.0.4 

+ Update to Nusselt user number correlations, user can designate correlation side “Shell”, “Tube” or “Both”
+ Correlation added by user will now show up in correlation selection screens per designation above
+ Enhance Chart plot feature
+ Added temperature profile plot to generate a chart window
+ Added temperature cross warning (Design Mode) – if software detects a temperature cross, it will warn the user at Step 4
+ Software will also show a chart window for user to plot the temperature profile for the detected warning above.

S&THex v3.3.0.3 

+ New fouling factors tables
+ Minor correction to Nusselt user correlations screen, deleting a row will now clear the Correlation Label text.

S&THex v3.3.0.2 

+ Bug correction in design mode advisory notes display

S&THex v3.3.0.1 

+ Consistency check to state location of error (Rating mode and design mode)

S&THex v3.3.0.0

+ Added calculation for Required Overall heat transfer coefficient (Design Mode)
+ Added Thermal design advisory notes (Design Mode)
+ Overall heat transfer coefficients data table update
+ Compare unlimited cases in data grid table
+ Add your own Nusselt correlation (Design Mode & Rating Mode)
+ Added support for estimating one Temperature on Tube side if Shell side has latent heat transfer (Design Mode)
+ Added support for estimating one Temperature on the Shell side if the Tube side has latent heat transfer (Design Mode)
+ Fixed a bug that affect Jh factor input box display during correlation selection (Design Mode & Rating Mode)
+ Fixed a bug affecting some variables display in the rating mode summary display screen
+ Fixed a bug that affect duty calculation in some case scenarios.
+ Extend consistency check to first and second calculate button (Design Mode)

S&THex v3.2.0.0

+ Migrated to Microsoft .net Framework 4.5
+ Improve loading of default and custom software settings for design mode
+ Software now remembers the last file name saved during run time, and prompt for a new file name if a new case is created, this avoids having to keep typing in the filename and set location if you are re-saving the same project
+ More temperature estimation cases covered, the software can now estimate any two unknown temperatures, providing that the temperatures are on different sides, the heat load/duty is known and the flow rates on both sides are known
+ Added Tube clearance calculation for both rating and design modes
+ Added illustration drawing for tube pitch
+ Issue warning when tube pitch is smaller than or equal to the tube outer diameter.
+ Bug fixes

S&THex v3.1.0.0

+ Added Unit converter (23 measurement units including 200 individual units)

S&THex v3.0.0.0

+ New user interface
+ New help file
+ Migrated to Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 Client profile
+ Added Tube wall temperature calculation
+ Added Eagle and Ferguson (1930) tube side correlation
+ Added Petukhov-Kirillov tube side correlation
+ Added McAdams shell side correlation + Added Taborek shell side correlation
+ Added Reiher shell side correlation
+ Added Maximum baffle spacing for unsupported straight tube
+ Added Shell and tube velocity checks
+ Added Pressure drops checks
+ Added support for calculating exit temperatures for shell and tube sides in design mode
+ The software will now save your default unit of measurement and will always start with your default unit of measurement
+ Added Birmingham Wire Gage Scale
+ Added support for entering heat transfer coefficient in design and rating modes
+ Added heat transfer coefficient table
+ Added material thermal conductivity table
+ Added new tube counts tables
+ Added the ability to directly store information to user databases from design and rating interface
+ Added software global setting screen
+ Added Maximum design velocities inside tubes for liquids calculator
+ Added the ability to Plot Duty Versus Temperature Chart (Design and Rating modes)
+ Added the ability to Plot Number of tube passes versus Tube side pressure drop Chart (Design and Rating modes)
+ Added Cleanliness factor calculation
+ The software can now select from two methods to calculate the pressure drops in design mode
+ New designed summary and software engineering datasheet
+ Fixed a bug that affect the calculated mass velocity when volumetric flow is used in design mode

S&THex v1.6.0.0

+ Physical properties database separate interface
+ Export Physical properties to Ms Excel or XML file.
+ Import Physical properties from XML file.
+ Export Summary to Shell & Tube Engineering Data sheet to Ms Excel or pdf format
+ Fouling Factors
+ Improved user interface
+ Fixed few programming bugs

S&THex v1.5.0.0

+ Added Fixed Tube sheet tube counts
+ Added general Tube Sizes
+ Added Rating mode
+ Added Overall heat transfer coefficient calculations for clean and fouled conditions
+ Added Effectiveness, Number of transfer units and Thermal capacity ratio calculation
+ Added Pumping power calculation
+ Added the ability to enter Nusselt number in the correlations section + Added Gnielinski correlation to tube side
+ Improved user interface
+ Fixed few programming bugs

S&THex v1.4.0.0

+ Added Software property estimation database (liquids property estimation only)
+ Added Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients Table + Added new saving function
+ Ability to import and export to Microsoft Excel
+ Improved user interface
+ Estimation of Jh (heat transfer factor) – in correlations section
+ Added Shell/Nozzle/Channel/Head/Tube sheet Thickness Calculation
+ Fixed few programming bugs

S&THex v1.3.0.0

+ Added Databases (empty user databases)
+ Improved saving functionality
+ Added print screen functions
+ Fixed some common programming bugs

S&THex v1.2.0.0

+ Added English (U.S. Units)
+ Added Shell diameter calculation
+ Added Scale resistance calculation/calculator
+ Added Nozzle pressure drop calculation/calculators
+ Added drawing summary
+ Added some mechanical calculation

S&THex v1.1.0.0

+ Improved software interface
+ Added more correlations

S&THex v1.0.0.0

+ First Release