CnD version history

Below is the version history for Shell and Tube Condenser Design (CnD) Software CnD v1.5.0.3 + Microsoft Excel Datasheet display bug fixed CnD v1.5.0.2 + Bug fixes CnD v1.5.0.1 + Improve consistency check to display location of error+ Bug fixes CnD v1.5.0.0 + Added Units converter containing 23 measurements and 200 units conversions+ Condensate sub-cooling is now supported on vertical tube side condenser+ Added support for Superheated vapor on Horizontal shell side condenser, Vertical shell…

"CnD version history"

Shell and Tube Condenser Design video

VERSION Demo clip of Shell & Tube Condenser Design with Condenser Design (CnD) software Video Contents 00:00:00 Main screen menus and buttons 00:01:01 Units converter 00:01:32 Tube Counts 00:02:08 Fouling Factors 00:02:29 User Data input screens 00:04:02 Overall heat transfer coefficients & BWG 00:06:03 Example 1 – SI Units 00:12:11 Example 2 – US Units 00:17:31 Importing physical properties  

"Shell and Tube Condenser Design video"