PhysPro version history

Below are the latest updates to PhysPro Fluid Properties software Version + bug fix affecting display of mixture properties when more that four fluids are used for mixture Version + Maintenance release+ Interface update to improve property tables display+ changed display of mixture properties to display Liquid, Vapor and Overall Phases Properties+ New option to export overall phase values where applicable; in mixture properties estimation; to xml property file for use with other…

"PhysPro version history"

Physical properties estimation database videos

This is a demonstration for estimating physical properties using webbusterz physical properties estimation database, In this video we estimate pure properties for single phase fluids (No mixtures) This product is normally included with any heat exchanger software package it can be purchase separately if needed. In this video we estimate mixture properties using correlations along with properties of pure fluids, The mixture properties produced can then be exported for external use.  

"Physical properties estimation database videos"