PhysPro version history

Below are the latest updates to PhysPro Fluid Properties software Version + bug fix affecting display of mixture properties when more that four fluids are used for mixture Version + Maintenance release+ Interface update to improve property tables display+ changed display of mixture properties to display Liquid, Vapor and Overall Phases Properties+ New option to export overall phase values where applicable; in mixture properties estimation; to xml property file for use with other…

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OrD version history

Below is the version history for Orifice Design Calculator (OrD) Software OrD v1.0.4.0 Bug fix affecting Ms Excel datasheet display OrD v1.0.3.0 Added copy summary data grid to clipboard feature. Interface maintenance, minor bug fixed. OrD v1.0.2.0 Added support for decimal point separators. Software will now work with dot or comma based on operating system settings OrD v1.0.0.0 First release

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PHex version history

Below is the version history for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design (PHex) Software PHex – v8.0 + Interface enhancements+ Save and load feature enhanced+ New Fouling factor tables+ Plot counter current and co-current flow temperature profiles+ Add multiple cases PHex – v7.0 + Added a feature to allow the user to select from a list of 12 Nusselt number correlations.+ Add your own Nusselt number correlation in two different formats through a correlations database and…

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KRD version history

Below is the version history for Kettle Reboiler Design (KRD) Software KRD v3.0.0.1 Maintenance release KRD v3.0.0.0 + Add Units converter+ load/set default unit to load with software+ Issue warning when tube pitch is smaller than or equal to the tube outer diameter+ Calculate Tube to Tube Clearance + Check for inconsistent input for comma and dot+ Over design and over surface calculation+ Required heat transfer coefficient+ Added Cooper correlation for pool boiling+ Added Forster-Zuber…

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CnD version history

Below is the version history for Shell and Tube Condenser Design (CnD) Software CnD v1.5.0.3 + Microsoft Excel Datasheet display bug fixed CnD v1.5.0.2 + Bug fixes CnD v1.5.0.1 + Improve consistency check to display location of error+ Bug fixes CnD v1.5.0.0 + Added Units converter containing 23 measurements and 200 units conversions+ Condensate sub-cooling is now supported on vertical tube side condenser+ Added support for Superheated vapor on Horizontal shell side condenser, Vertical shell…

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ACHex version history

Below is a version history for Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design (ACHex) Software ACHex –  + Maintenance release ACHex –  + Maintenance release ACHex –  + Maintenance release ACHex – v2.0.0.0 + User interface update+ Input Consistency check – to reduce input errors related to decimal point separator+ Added Unit converter includes 23 measurements units with 200 unit conversion+ Added Re-Save feature faster saving for edited files+ Add the ability to enter…

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DHex version history

Below is a version history for Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex) software: DHex + Ability to designate Nusselt user correlations to inner pipe or outer pipe side+ Plot temperature profile for hot and cold sides, check temperature cross chart+ Multi case feature will now save cases in a case list and reload a case upon request during run time.  DHex + Maintenance release DHex + Software upgrade to Microsoft dot Net…

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STHex Version History

Below are all the update history for shell and tube heat exchanger design software S&THex v3.3.0.4  + Update to Nusselt user number correlations, user can designate correlation side “Shell”, “Tube” or “Both” + Correlation added by user will now show up in correlation selection screens per designation above + Enhance Chart plot feature + Added temperature profile plot to generate a chart window + Added temperature cross warning (Design Mode) – if software detects a…

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