Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design video

Gasketed plate heat exchanger

This short video clip demonstrates Gasketed plate heat exchanger design (PHex) software Version 8.0, this is the latest version of the product.


This video explores the software screens through a loaded example and shows how
calculations are performed in step by step approach.

Time line
00:00:15 Switching between Degrees Celsius and Degrees Kelvin
00:00:32 Storing fluid Properties for future use
00:01:07 Accessing the manufacturer’s plate database
00:01:57 Storing Plate geometry in user database for future use
00:03:24 Selecting a heat transfer correlation
00:04:00 Calculating results
00:04:11 Plotting a temperature profile
00:04:49 Results summary screens
00:05:16 Engineering Datasheet
00:05:37 Adding the example to a case list (Creating multiple cases)

General Features

This video explores how to access general features in this software

Time line

00:00:13 Hiding and unhiding tool bars and button panels
00:00:34 Available measurement units
00:00:43 Units converter
00:01:08 Fluids and Plates databases to store user fluids and plate geometries
00:01:40 Fouling Factors
00:02:24 Overall heat transfer coefficients
00:02:32 Material Thermal conductivity
00:02:39 Accessing the manufacturer’s plate database
00:03:12 Importing physical properties file (files generated using physical properties software included with this product)
00:03:33 Importing physical properties from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
00:03:43 Adding and deleting a Nusselt number correlation / heat transfer correlation