Heat Duty Calculator – Sensible and Latent heat

Heat duty calculator is a free software to help with computing the sensible heat duty and the latent heat  transfer rate, the calculator uses the equations stated in the article available at WeBBusterZ Engineering Articles website. This article titled “How to calculate the heat duty“.  The software can accept input in SI Units or English Units of measurement. The flow rate can be specified by volume or mass flow. The answer will be shown in several units

Flow rate input units – m3/s, m3/h, m3/day, ft3/s, ft3/h, ft3/day, kg/s, kg/h, kg/day, lb/s, lb/h, lb/day

The output heat rate (Duty) is calculated in kW, Btu/h, hp (British), hp (Metric)

This software is also available to install on android mobiles – the other version is available through Google play and this website.

You can download a demo version of the product that will run for 30 days with limited features

  Click here to Download

Below are some screen shots

Heat Duty Calculator Main Screen 1
Heat Duty Calculator Main Screen 2