Pipe Friction Factor

Friction Factor

This application can calculate the pipe friction factor using two different equations. The calculator allows you to calculate the Darcy friction factor also commonly obtained from the Moody chart and calculate the Fanning friction factor, It will also calculate the Relative Roughness of the pipe

The calculator will request the following input:
Reynolds’ Number, Pipe Diameter and the Pipe Surface Roughness

The calculated result produces the following output:
Relative Roughness
Darcy Friction Factor
Fanning Friction Factor
There are two different equations that the calculator uses based on user choice,

Friction Factor Main Screen

The App will do iteration to compute the friction factor if the Colebrook-White equation is used. 
Both equations produce a close estimate and would save time instead of looking up charts.
The App accepts input in two different units, SI Units and US Units. There is a small database for different pipe materials that include values for Surface Roughness taken from literature,

The material list is below:
Copper, Glass, Plastic, Brass, Iron, Steel, Concrete, Rubber

Darcy Friction factor, Fanning Friction Factor

Download & Purchase information

This application has two versions:
A free version that includes a banner advert and requires internet connection you can download it from the Google play store

The Second version has no adverts and doesn’t require internet connection and is available for purchase from the Google Play store using the link below

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System Requirement

Android operating system (2 and up)