Wavelength Calculator mobile application

Use de Broglie wavelength equation to calculate a particle wavelength then display the results in different units.

Wavelength Calculator

This mobile application can also calculate the velocity or mass based on the same equation. 

1. The input can is specified in the units below:

Mass in kilograms (kg)
Velocity in meters per seconds (m/s)
The output is specified in the units below:
Wavelength is displayed in different units – meter (m) , centimetre (cm), nanometre (nm), angstroms

2. If a Velocity is to be calculated, the input required is:
Mass (kg) and Wavelength (m)
The velocity output will be in – meters per seconds (m/s) , meters per minute (m/min) , centimetres per seconds (cm/s)

3. If a Mass is to be calculated, the input required is:
Velocity (m/s) and Wavelength (m)

Wavelength Calculator Main Screen

The mass output will be in kilograms (kg) , grams (g) , milligrams (mg)

Download Information:

The application has two versions one is free and contains a banner advert at the bottom of the screen, The other is a paid version available on Google play store. The free version has the same features and functionality as the paid one.

Purchase the version with no adverts

System Requirement:

Android operating system (1.6 and up)