Prices and Order Information


HExSHeat Exchanger Suite
VTDVertical Thermosiphon Design
ACHexAir Cooled Heat Exchanger Design
S&THexShell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design
DHexDouble pipe Heat Exchanger Design
PHexGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design
KRDKettle Reboiler Design
HCHexHelical Coil Heat Exchanger Design
CnD Condenser Design
OrDOrifice Design Calculator
PhysProPhysPro Fluid Properties
RVRelief valve sizing calculator
ProEngCalcProcess Engineering Calculator
Quick P&IDQuick Process and Instrumentation Diagram
DSCDecanter Sizing Calculator
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Prices below are in GBP (British Pound)
Prices doesn’t include any local taxes imposed by local government. during the purchase process you can remove any taxes using your VAT ID or Tax ID issued by your local authority

Single Computer License [Volume Pricing]

Software1 – 2 (Licenses)3 + (Licenses)5 + (Licenses)
Quick P&ID£45.00-£15.00-£25.00
 Volume pricing example – if you want to order 4 licenses – check the second column (3 + Licenses),  
for DSC – Total price =  (£49.00 – 15.00) x 4 Licenses = £136.00 GBP
Software1 Computer License2+ Computer licenses
HExS£54940% off
Volume Pricing Example – if you want to order 2 licenses then [ £549 – (£549 x 0.40) ] x 2 = £658.8 GBP

Note: License is PERMANENT  as long as our simple license activation and removal instructions are followed, these instructions are available with every software purchase and will be included in purchase emails. Failure to follow the instructions can result in license loss. 

Network License

Software1 License5 + Licenses10 + Licenses20 + Licenses
Quick P&ID£55.00-£15.00-£20.00-£25.00
Volume Pricing Example – if you want to order 11 licenses – check the fourth column (10 + Licenses),  
For OrD – Total Price: (£60 – £35) x 11 = £275 GBP for 11 Network Licenses


If you have any questions about Network licenses or to purchase any numbers of network licenses please contact us

Network License Setup

Our network license setup is simple, all we need from you is a path to a shared folder on your network, the shared folder must have read and write access for all users of the product on your company or university network.

The path need to be in the following format

\\<server name>\<shared directory>

The path is to allow us to generate your network license. If you want more information on this please feel free to drop us an email

Software Upgrades


For latest upgrade prices please check the buy now page

Maintenance Plan Per Product
Maintenance plans are offered during the purchase process,
This Service covers the following:
1- Product upgrades (should any new revision or new version of the product you purchased become available you will be able to upgrade to the latest product version for free).
2- Your will be able to download the product any time you require providing your service plan is still valid. Simply email us to request a download link and we will provide a link to the latest software build. 
3- In case of total computer loss as a result of theft, fire or any other similar incident free license replacement will be issued. 

This service is on a one off basis and is offered during the purchase process for the duration of 6 months, 1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years maintenance plan

Payment methods

Different payment methods are accepted by our resellers. Wire Transfer/Credit Cards/Paypal….etc

International wire/bank transfers can take from 1 to 3 business days to process by our reseller depending on the banking process. 

Order Process

When you order any of WeBBusterZ software you will be taken to SECURE ORDER PAGE where you will complete your order and download the software instantly through our Resellers. We don’t collect any credit card information or deal with payments, the process is done through our resellers secure servers

For each software you order you will be provided with a unique serial code that you can use to setup your account on our software activation centre. The activation centre is provided to help all our customers to manage/generate/remove software licenses. You will be able to create your own username and password so you can activate your software license(s). The software license activation should take a couple of minutes to do. we provide all customers with help videos and downloadable instructions for this purpose however should you need help with this please contact us. We aim to respond within a couple of hours of your email, but please allow 24 hours for reply.

Please make sure your email inbox is not full and you don’t filter our emails as spam.

Back up service

It’s recommended to keep your own backup of the software as download links are temporarily and expire within few days of purchase, there is a backup service offered during purchase for longer storage if needed. The file backup service offered by our reseller allows extended download and expires after 1 year of purchase

Software System Requirements

All software is available for Windows operating systems only

Generally most of our software should work on Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1/ Windows 10 / Windows 11

However please refer to system requirement for each software, this is available in the product description page for each software product as some software no longer supports Windows XP (SP3)

Important note

Please make sure that you allow emails from our servers as important software activation instructions, purchase invoices…etc emails can end up in spam box or junk mail box if our emails are rejected by your mail server. If in doubt please check with your IT department or network administrator.