DHex version history

Below is a version history for Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex) software: DHex + Ability to designate Nusselt user correlations to inner pipe or outer pipe side+ Plot temperature profile for hot and cold sides, check temperature cross chart+ Multi case feature will now save cases in a case list and reload a case upon request during run time.  DHex + Maintenance release DHex + Software upgrade to Microsoft dot Net…

"DHex version history"

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Video

Demo Clip of Double pipe heat exchanger design (DHex) Features General timeline: 00:00:00 General Features 00:01:46 Importing physical properties from software database file 00:03:00 Units of measurement and Units Converter 00:04:12 User Databases 00:05:47 Nusselt number correlations add your own correlation! 00:07:01 Importing physical properties from Microsoft Excel Oil Exchanger Example General timeline: 00:00:00 Example Oil exchanger 00:08:56 Adding a Nusselt correlation

"Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Video"