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WeBBusterZ Engineering Software

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Access this URL (http://www.webbusterz.com/software/physicalprop_demo.exe)physicalprop_demo.exe[Demo version][3.6.1]

Below is a list of main features and limitations:

  • This software mainly sold with WeBBusterZ software but you can still buy it on it's own if you prefer.
  • You will need to activate the full version of this product.
  • This software has over 1400 components and can estimate physical properties for pure components based on correlations.
  • All you provide is Temperature and the software will do the rest
  • The software doesn't take into account any pressure during the estimation
  • If the temperature is not within the correlation range for a particular property, the software will warn against the estimation error.
  • All mixture estimations are based on general equations for mixture estimates. The software will use the pure properties of components involved along with general equations to estimate the mixture properties.
  • Mixture Thermal Conductivity only valid for non polar liquids only
  • Mixture Viscosity is only valid for Organic liquids only.

The software has the ability to export the estimated properties to MsExcel 2007 and 2003. Also there is a feature to export to XML format file.

You can download the demo version under the download section.

Screen shots are provided under the screen shots section.

If you want to buy this product please visit "Buy Now" Section


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