Decanter sizing calculator

DSC video

Decanter sizing calculator demonestration video Video timeline 00:09:45 Features and Menu00:02:09 Example 1 – Vertical vessel00:05:26 Example 2 – Horizontal vessel

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Heat Exchanger Suite

Heat Exchanger Suite Video

Latest video for Heat Exchanger Suite (HExS) demonstrating features and example from each heat exchanger software Timeline: 00:00:00 Features00:05:11 Air cooled heat exchanger design (ACHex) – Saved example demo00:09:26 Double pipe heat exchanger design (DHex) – Saved example demo00:13:51 Shell and tube condenser design (CnD) – Saved example demo00:17:47 Kettle reboiler design (KRD) – Saved…

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Vertical thermosiphon design

Vertical Thermosiphon Design Video

Example 1 English / US Units Example 2 – SI Units Features 00:01:12 Water and steam properties00:02:16 Fouling factors00:02:46 Heat transfer coefficients00:03:00 Material thermal conductivity00:03:24 Units converter00:04:09 Fluids user database for storing custom properties00:04:40 Importing physical properties Storing data in fluids user database

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Quick process and instrumentation diagram

Quick P&ID Video

Quick Process and Instrumentation Diagram (Quick P&ID) tutorial video Video series1- Exploring the interface2- Connecting shapes3- Adding text4- Changing line colour5- Changing equipment colour6- Shape size manipulation7- Line bridging8- Inserting a table9- Line style

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double pipe heat exchanger

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Video

Demo Clip of Double pipe heat exchanger design (DHex) Features General timeline: 00:00:00 General Features 00:01:46 Importing physical properties from software database file 00:03:00 Units of measurement and Units Converter 00:04:12 User Databases 00:05:47 Nusselt number correlations add your own correlation! 00:07:01 Importing physical properties from Microsoft Excel Oil Exchanger Example Time line: 00:00:00 Example…

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Air cooled heat exchanger

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Video

this software demonstrate the thermal sizing calculations for air cooled heat exchanger design. It supports horizontal units, induced draft and forced draft operation. 1- Exploring the interface 2- Importing Physical Properties 3- Air cooled heat exchanger design (ACHex) Software v2.0  – Example 1 Heavy gas oil air cooled exchanger 4- Air cooled heat exchanger design (ACHex) Software v2.0…

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design video

Shell and tube heat exchanger design software (S&THex) – interface (Software version v3.6.0) Shell and tube heat exchanger design Software (S&THex) – Case study automation (Version v3.6.0) Time line: 00:00:09 Study Parameters 1 – Outside diameter, Number of tube passes ,Tube length, number of tubes, baffle spacing00:03:31 Study Parameters 2 – Kern tube counts iteration…

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Kettle reboiler design

Kettle Reboiler Design Video

Demo clip of Kettle reboiler design (KRD) software Kettle Reboiler Design (KRD) / software version 3.0 This video includes 00:00:00 – Software Features 00:02:09 – Design Example (Organic liquid – Steam Kettle reboiler) 00:13:20 – Design Example (Oil – Gasoline Kettle reboiler)

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Shell and Tube Condenser Design video

VERSION Demo clip of Shell & Tube Condenser Design with Condenser Design (CnD) software Video Contents 00:00:00 Main screen menus and buttons 00:01:01 Units converter 00:01:32 Tube Counts 00:02:08 Fouling Factors 00:02:29 User Data input screens 00:04:02 Overall heat transfer coefficients & BWG 00:06:03 Example 1 – SI Units 00:12:11 Example 2 – US…

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Gasketed plate heat exchanger

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design video

This short video clip demonstrates Gasketed plate heat exchanger design (PHex) software Version 8.0, this is the latest version of the product. Example This video explores the software screens through a loaded example and shows how calculations are performed in step by step approach. Time line00:00:15 Switching between Degrees Celsius and Degrees Kelvin00:00:32 Storing fluid…

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Process Engineering Calculator video

This video demonstration is a compilation of different versions on the software. it includes examples for each calculator included in this software. Timeline00:00:10 Exploring menus and buttons, features including fouling factors, physical properties, units converter, water and steam properties00:04:48 API Gravity Calculator00:05:25 Cavitation Coefficient Calculator00:06:26 Cavitation Number Calculator00:07:20 Control Valve Sizing Calculator00:10:17 Erosional Velocity Calculator00:11:29…

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pressure relief valve calculator

Relief valve sizing calculator video

Size relief valves and calculate the area required for relief with simple steps. Time Line: 00:00:00 Software Menu 00:00:36 Example 1: sizing a valve for vapor service 00:03:26 Producing results summary 00:04:57 Example 2: Sizing for vaporizing liquids (wetted vessels) – fire case

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PhysPro Physical properties software video

The software includes humid air properties and has the ability to estimate mixture properties using common property packages. You can also generate saturation tables for more than 80 fluids, plot charts and generate physical properties tables. Copy and paste all data to any document or print output. See the demonstration video below

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Physical properties estimation database videos

This is a demonstration for estimating physical properties using webbusterz physical properties estimation database, In this video we estimate pure properties for single phase fluids (No mixtures) This product is normally included with any heat exchanger software package it can be purchase separately if needed. In this video we estimate mixture properties using correlations along…

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