API Gravity Calculator for android mobiles

API gravity calculator it takes it’s name from American Petroleum Institute gravity, which is a term that is often used to measure how heavy or light a petroleum liquid is comparing to water. This calculator has been designed to work with mobiles with android operating system, the application allows you to perform any of the following tasks: API Gravity Calculator

+ Calculating the API gravity from Liquid density or specific gravity or preloaded database of fluids.

+ Calculate the specific gravity from API gravity

+ Calculate the Barrels of crude oil per metric ton from API Gravity or select a fluid from the preloaded fluids database to perform the calculation

+ Find the classification of oil according to API gravity (Light oil, Medium oil, Heavy oil or Exra heavy oil)

There is a small database that has some liquids for faster lookup, the liquids included in API Gravity Calculator are listed below: API Gravity Calculator Main Screen

No. 1 Fuel oil
No. 2 Fuel oil
Jet fuel JP-4
Jet fuel JP-5
Gas oils
Jet fuel
Peanut oil
Petroleum oil
Olive oil

Download & Purchase information

This application has two versions:

A free version that includes a banner advert and requires internet connection you can download it from the Google play store

The Second version has no adverts and doesn’t require internet connection and is available for purchase from the Google Play store using the link below

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System Requirement
Android operating system (2 and up)