Cavitation Coefficient

Cavitation Coefficient is used for Fluid flow in centrifugal pump. The mobile application uses the following equation to calculate the Cavitation coefficient. Cavitation Coefficient

C = [ (dP/p.g) + (u^2/2.g) – h ] / H
Where; Cavitation coefficient
C – is the Cavitation coefficient
dP – is the pressure differential
p – is the fluid density
u – is the fluid velocity
g – is the gravitational acceleration
h – head loss due to friction in suction line  – is the pump head or pumping height Cavitation Coefficient Main Screen

The calculator can also calculate the pump head providing that the Cavitation coefficient is defined. Input can be specified in different units of measurements as shown below:

Pressure – bar, kPa, Pa, psi, lb/ft2
Density – kg/m3, lb/ft3
Velocity – m/s, ft/s
Head Loss & Pump Head – m, ft
Gravitational acceleration – m/s2, ft/s2

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This application has two versions:

A free version that includes a banner advert and requires internet connection you can download it from the Google play store

The Second version has no adverts and doesn’t require internet connection and is available for purchase from the Google Play store using the link below

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System Requirement
Android operating system (2 and up)