Cavitation Number

Cavitation number (Ca) is a dimensionless number used in flow calculations analysis. the number reflects the relationship between the difference of a local pressure from the vapor pressure and the kinetic energy per volume, Cavitation number is used to characterize the potential of the flow to cavitate. The equation looks similar to Euler number but with small differences. Cavitation Number

This mobile application allows you to calculate the Cavitation Number, but not limited to this, the app also allows you to back calculate all the calculation variables in the cavitation number equation;

The local Pressure
Fluid vapor Pressure
Fluid velocity
Input can be defined in different units,

For Pressure the available input units are: Pa, kPa, bar, psi, lb/ft2
For Velocity the available input units are: m/s, ft/s
For Density the available input units are: kg/m3, lb/ft3 Cavitation Number Main Screen
The application is defaulted to calculate the Cavitation number so the output unit is dimensionless. but if the calculation mode changes to any of the variables above the output can be calculated in any of the units listed below:

For Pressure output the units can be any of: Pa, kPa, bar, psi, lb/ft2
For Velocity output the units can be any of: m/s, ft/s

Download & Purchase information

This application has two versions:

A free version that includes a banner advert and requires internet connection you can download it from the Google play store

The Second version has no adverts and doesn’t require internet connection and is available for purchase from the Google Play store using the link below

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System Requirements
Android operating system (2 and up)