Vapor Pressure

Vapor Pressure

Vapor pressure is calculated using the Antoine Equation in this mobile application. The Antoine equation parameters are used to allow the calculation of fluids vapor pressure.

The app has two operation modes; Vapor pressure
The First allowing the calculation of vapor pressure using equation constants and input temperature. The input temperature can be entered in degrees C, degrees K, degrees F or degrees R

The Second allowing the calculation of temperature using the equation constants and input pressure. The pressure can be entered in mmHg, Pa, kPa, bar, PSI or lbf/ft2

Vapor Pressure Main Screen

The equation constants A, B and C can be entered or obtained from the internally built in database which contains around 700 fluids, the database is also contains minimum and maximum temperatures for calculation limits. 


+ Around 700 components/fluids and their equation constants included in internal database.

+Calculate Vapor pressure at a specified temperature.

+Calculate the Temperature at specified Vapor pressure.

+Input units flexibility

+Results displayed in different units.

+Warning of error when specified temperature is outside equation limitations.

Download & Purchase information

This application has two versions:

A free version that includes a banner advert and requires internet connection you can download it from the Google play store

The Second version has no adverts and doesn’t require internet connection and is available for purchase from the Google Play store using the link below
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System Requirement
Android operating system (2.3 and up)