Process Eng Calculator

Process Eng Calculator

Process Engineering Calculator is a collection of calculators that combines many separate calculators that was build originally as applications.

There is a Desktop software version of this application that includes many calculators, please click here for more information

The main purpose is to provide the users a bundle of calculators combined into one application instead of separately installing each application published by webbusterz.
This version of the application has no adverts, if you want to try any of the calculators included in this version you can do so by downloading the calculator application separately from Google play store

Process Engineering Calculator. The application has the following calculators included initially with the potential of new tools added to this application regularly.
(For a complete list of features provided by each tool please visit the link above and check each calculator.)
1- API Gravity Calculator
Calculating the API gravity from Liquid density or specific gravity, Calculate the Barrels of crude oil per metric ton from API Gravity, Calculate the specific gravity from API gravity, Find the classification of oil according to API gravity, preloaded database of fluids is included.

2- Erosional Velocity Calculator
Calculate Erosional velocity in pipes based on equations that are provided in API RP 14E,
This app will also calculate the Mixture density and the Minimum pipe cross sectional area.

3- Heat Duty Calculator
Calculate the duty or heat rate for sensible heat transfer and latent heat transfer.

4- Linear Interpolation Calculator
Perform linear interpolation using this calculator, helpful when you try to interpolate values from steam tables or other tabulated data tables.

5- Liquid Height in Horizontal tanks Calculator
Calculate the liquid height in a horizontal cylinder, support the following cylinder ends; Flat Ends, ASME F&D (Dished Ends), Elliptical Ends and Hemispherical Ends

6- Log Mean Temperature Difference Calculator
Calculate the LMTD for Counter current flow and Co-current flow also called (Parallel flow)

7- MMSCFD Converter
Convert a list of 29 units to Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day, also support converting from Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day to any of the listed 29 units.

8- Partial Volume of Tank Calculator
Calculate the Partial and Total Volume of Tank using this application (horizontal cylindrical vessels/tanks only)

9- Pipe Diameter Calculator
Calculate the Pipe area and pipe diameter, The application has a predefined list of services the includes typical velocities that can be used for the velocity input, the purpose of this is to provide a quick estimate.

10- Pumping Power Calculator
Calculate the Pump hydraulic power, Shaft power and Motor power

11- Sonic Velocity Calculator
Calculates the sonic velocity (Speed of Sound) of a specified gas flowing in a pipe. The calculator has a small database that contain 51 gases and their specific heat ratio along with their molecular weights for quick reference

12- Wave Length Calculator
Calculate a particle wavelength using de Broglie wavelength equation. Can also calculate the velocity or mass based on the same equation.

13- Pipe Friction Factor
Calculate the Darcy and Fanning friction factors as well as the relative roughness using two different equations, Churchill and Colebrook-White equations.

When you purchase this application you will get free updates that will include the newly added tools whenever this listing is updated
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System Requirement

Android operating system (2 and up)